Sunday, November 27, 2005

dylan's words

Bob Dylan, of course ... I watched his movie on SBS a couple of weeks ago, No Direction Home

On the way to the beach tonight, taking the dog for a walk, dylan's words came to me, once again:
how many times must a man walk alone before you can call him a man
and how many times must a cannon ball fly before they forever are banned
and how many miles must a white dove swim before she can sleep in the sand
Not for the first time they moved me to tears - how could one person have the ability to write words so powerful that they can still get right inside my head and move me deeply years later - it seems totally unfair that he had that talent - and didn't even come out publicly against the Vietnam war

Words are very important and that's an amazing gift that dylan had, to be able to get inside peoples heads in that way - somehow they resonate, although I can look at them prosaically some of the time, nevertheless they always come back to me as powerful and moving, out of the blue, at unexpected times. He just had that gift to resonate with something deep inside and not only with me, obviously

Is there anyone who can compare with Dylan?


Anonymous Roland said...

I guess I am showing my age here but we learned this song in Primary School and it is one of the few that I can still remember all the words to. The ABC later added these into these words into their 1976 song book.

9:24 PM  

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