Sunday, November 20, 2005

image extraction

Originally uploaded by Bill Kerr.
I spent hours today trying to extract this image from a background using PhotoShop. Note that I have extracted some hair, albeit inexpertly, but not bad for a beginner :-)

After a very frustrating period following a recipe from a book that didn't work I finally found a great tutorial on the internet by spdfreak_95 called Using Channels to make Selections.

Thank you spdfreak :-)

Funny how the interenet turned out to be a better resource than a high priced professional looking PhotoShop book.

I can smile now but I was cursing that book just a few short hours ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think image extraction is image processing,but you said photoshop
what meaning you said image extraction?
my english is not very well,sorry!
you can post me ""
bye Mr Kerr!

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Rahul said...

Who are the best image processing service providers in the world?

7:13 PM  

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