Friday, November 11, 2005

Creative Industries Catalyst

I met recently with Ann Clancy, Creative Industries Catalyst from the South Australian Premier's Department.

What she told me is that a report commissioned by the SA Government has indicated that recruitment of skilled people to their companies is a significant issue.

Ann mentioned this website where she found 10 IT jobs advertised by Adelaide companies!!

Ratbag (car racing games), Rising Sun (special effects for movies), Kukan (mobile games), Kojo (interactive web film), Imagination (converting Hasbro board games into electronic games), Peoples Republic of Animation ( animation ) are some of the local companies consulted for the report.

The right skills mix - creative, technical and business - is a requirement across the industry.

With Adelaide being a small city the government is looking at how to develop the digital creative industries and how the education system can better deliver the people that local cutting edge industry wants


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