Wednesday, November 23, 2005

free web hosting

It's important that students publish their web pages out there on the real web and not just make them for their teachers. The following hosts appear to offer a free service although some of them have pop up advertising and file size restrictions. The first two I have checked out this year; the other two were recently recommended on the NSW teachers list.

UPDATE 24th November
One of my students recommends this one as best
My students have been using this one this year
Here's a web site that I have put up there
There are pop ups
Upload file size limit of 512 KB
Another site my students have used this year
There are popups and upload file size limits looked better so we moved over to there
I have used in the US for years for my websites and they come at the right price. Zero Dollars!! They genuinely provide a full
service with email etc and no ads at no cost. There is no catch. You do have
to register a domain name at $25 per year
- Peter Morrissey, NSW teacher list
the following blurb is from their site but I haven't checked them out yet:
HostRocket free web hosting is perfect for getting your online presence up and running fast and free. All free accounts feature the following:

FREE 25MB File Storage
FREE 2GB Data Transfer
FREE Web-Based Control Panel
FREE 24/7 File Manager Access
FREE Fast, Friendly Tech Support

There are NO BANNERS and NO POP-UPS displayed while your users are on your site at any time.


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