Wednesday, September 28, 2005

summing up

Tonight I've reread the whole of my blog.

One theme that emerges is the ongoing very rapid evolution of digital media and the concurrent development of new ideas and culture arising out of that media.

By saying the media is evolving rapidly I mean the hardware (mobile phones, PSP), software (web apps, games, open source) and infoware (google, wikipedia, amazon, delicious and the blogosphere) are powering along at a staggering rate. This is best summarised by the Four Funerals and a Wedding post.

By saying that new ideas and culture are emerging I'm referring to posts about PressThink, Beyond Print Literacy, Space, Time and Socrates.

Blogging has been very worthwhile for monitoring and sharing my efforts to understand these changes. It's enabled more self reflection and sharing than otherwise would have happened.


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