Saturday, August 20, 2005


Connectivism is a new learning theory develop by George Siemens. He has developed it in conjunction with a critique of limitations of constructivism, cognitivism and behavourism.

His definitive paper is here:

Other articles are here:

Blog, wiki, discussion forum and email list info is here:

I like his ideas and find them interesting but don't feel that I'm expert enough on learning theory to pass judgement. I'm in the process of slowly trying to learn more. I've signed up at his connectivism site and hope to post comments and questions there.

I do know a little bit about constructivism / constructionism and have read just about everything written by Seymour Papert - and am a huge fan of Brian Harvey, author of open source logo and a great learning theorist - as well working with logo for several years and attempting to set up constructionist classroom environments. To qualify that statement I would also say that it's ridiculous IMO to push just one learning theory barrow, in the past I've said that learning is a continuum ranging from behavourism to constuctivism and that it's important as teacher learners that we walk the walk across the whole continuum.

I'm engaged by George Siemens assertion that it's time for a new kid on the block

I blogged about this back in March this year:


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