Friday, April 14, 2006

the internet archive

It makes sense to store your files where they will be safe for a long time.

That place might be the internet archive with its goal of, "Universal Access to all Knowledge"

The Internet Archive stores under the following category headings: Web (includes The Wayback Machine), Moving Images, Texts (including books), Audio, Software and Education.

The founder is Brewster Kahle (scroll down, the bios are in alphabetical order).
LR: Let's talk a little bit about your philosophy now. Could you discuss what you mean when you talk about "Universal Access To All Human Knowledge?"

BK: "Universal Access To All Human Knowledge" is a motto of Raj Reddy from Carnegie Mellon. I found that if you really actually come to understand that statement, then that statement is possible; technologically possible to take, say, all published materials -- all books, music, video, software, web sites -- that it's actually possible to have universal access to all of that. Some for a fee, and some for free. I found that was a life-changing event for me. That is just an inspiring goal. It's the dream of the Greeks, which they embodied, with the Egyptians, in the Library of Alexandria. The idea of having all knowledge accessible...

... I have a philosophy of what future I want to live in, which is probably more of a social and cultural issue than it really is a technological issue. And socially and culturally, what I want to grow up in -- and have my kids grow up in -- is a wonderful flowering of all sorts of really wild ideas coming from all sorts of people doing diverse and interesting things.

What I'd really like to see is a world where there's no limitations on getting your creative ideas out there. That people have a platform to find their natural audience. Whether their natural audience is one person, themselves, or a hundred people, or a thousand people. Try to make it so the technologies that we develop, and the institutions we develop, make it so that people have an opportunity to flower. To live a satisfying life by providing things to others that they appreciate.
Creative Commons has developed a software tool, ccPublisher, which allows you to upload audio and video files to the Internet Archive after tagging them with information about your Creative Commons License.

It is possible to upload directly a movie, audio or book - see here and here

I went to the software archive because I want to upload some games made with Game Maker. It says there that to contribute you need to write to them directly, so I have done that.


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