Sunday, April 02, 2006

quadratics instruction

I received this letter recently about an article and program I wrote in logo 10 years ago for teaching quadratics. The program still runs on a modern XP Windows although the interface looks very old fashioned today. One possibility would be to rewrite it for an open source version of logo such as George Mills and Brian Harvey's MSWlogo.
I was reading your paper on quadratics software that you wrote, I am a masters student and I am doing my research on Computer Aided Instruction in quadratics. I would love to look at your software and maybe use it with my students that I am teaching. Are you willing to share your software? I of course would share my research results with you upon completion.
I teach high school math (10th and 11th ) grade and I have a group of students that have not received quadratic instruction and are in need of a program to learn from. My school is South Kitsap High School the largest high school in the state of Washington in the US. We have 2600 students in three grades. We recently changed math programs and now there is a group of students that have not been educated on quadratics and I need to find a fast and effective means to fill that gap. Your program may be just the ticket.
I look forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous Chris said...

Have you considered using Squeak. Its much more useful and a more advanced learning tool than gamemaker and cheaper too.

4:03 PM  

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