Friday, April 07, 2006

cory doctorow is visiting australia to speak

I have bought tickets to Cory's Melbourne talk. He is also speaking in Brisbane and Sydney. His topic is the future of films in the digital age.

Cory Doctorow is a DRM activist, EFF activist, SF writer and co-editor of boing-boing, one the world's most popular blogs.

On the EFF:
EFF has a problem: we work on issues before anyone knows that they matter. In 2002, we were at the inaugural meeting on the Broadcast Flag, and we spent the next two years explaining to everyone we could find what this stuff was and why it mattered. We published on the risks of Trusted Computing before anyone had a clue that this isn't just a security technology: it's a system for gutting competition in the market and user choice and privacy by subjecting computers to control by remote parties. We're at the Broadcast Treaty meetings at the UN, trying to get the big IT companies to understand that if its provisions come to pass, they'll need permission from the entertainment companies to launch new services like Google Video and new devices like the Video iPod. We've been sounding the alarm over the Analog Hole, over paperless electronic voting machines, over DRM, since the earliest days.

On DRM, see here for full text of his talk to Microsoft's Research Group (sic) about DRM. From the introduction:
I'm not a lawyer -- I'm a kind of mouthpiece/activist type, though occasionally they shave me and stuff me into my Bar Mitzvah suit and send me to a standards body or the UN to stir up trouble. I spend about three weeks a month on the road doing completely weird stuff like going to Microsoft to talk about DRM.

About his SF. This wikipedia entry has an outline of some of his books and there are some quotes from some of them at this wikiquotes site. Cory distributes his books for free on the internet at the same time they are released for sale in bookshops. This works to increase his sales. He has also utilised the Creative Commons license which allows people in developing countries to republish his books commercially there.

You can read one of his short stories, I Robot, here.

Thanks to Rose for the pointer at TALO.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow Doctorownian!
I too am a fan of 'the man in the glasses' as we like to refer to him. I have recently purchased tickets to his shows in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. I also have several official tour t-shirts and would be happy to send you one if you want.
Maybe I'll see you in Melbourne!

8:17 PM  
Blogger Bill Kerr said...

LOL, I'll look out for you anonymous, shouldn't be too hard to find :-)

I'd rather buy another one of his books - but if you send me a pic of the t-shirt I'll think about it

8:41 PM  

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