Wednesday, August 03, 2005

mobile phones

This touched a nerve, mobile phones are so popular, powerful and educational in the broad sense that goes beyond the classroom. So schools have rules that they be switched off in class, rules that are often broken.

Education departments filter school internet feeds to keep their students "safe". What will they do when wifi hotspots take a hold and students access them with their mobiles at recess and lunch making the classroom experience feel even more irrelevant to their real interests?
Mobile phones are likely to develop into a key learning tool. Few technologies are more universal, more versatile, and more used by younger learners. Learning designers should be moving towards a level of design where all their content is accessible via mobile phones. Some thought leaders have advocated that learning will eventually be intelligently designed into the appliance we are using (i.e. Stephen Downes has used the analogy that a fishing rod will have context relevant learning resources teaching a user how to fish). Until this happens, a cell phone is likely to be the transitioning tool that truly moves learning from classroom/desktop to learning in a context relevant manner
- from George Siemens


Blogger Wara said...

Our school principal has recently made two public statements indicating that we may well find that desktop PC's will not exist in schools in 10 years.

The staggering rate of convergence around mobile phone technology has been a topic of conversation in the IT office of the school for some time - camera, mp3 player, movie camera, internet access, audio recording, streaming video, portable data storage, personal organiser, word processor and other applications. Add to this various bluetooth devices like a foldable membrane keyboard, ear piece, etc and we have the ideal student tool 'to go'. All very expensive at the moment but ..........

I like the inclusion of the issue of information filtering in your posting.

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Blogger Bill Kerr said...

hi wara,

you have a far sighted Principal - but I'm not aware of any evidence that "the system" has an awareness of where things are headed - I like the phrase "driving down the high tech super highway, with eyes fixed firmly on the rear vision mirror" - McLuhan said something like that and Alan Kay liked to repeat it (see

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