Friday, July 29, 2005

ASISTM press release

I'm involved in this project:

Computer Game Design, Programming, Multimedia and Mathematics

Computer game programming has just achieved an enhanced profile in Australian schools.

We’re delighted to announce that our submission for funding to the Australian School Innovation in Science, Technology and Mathematics (ASISTM) Project has been successful.

Visit to see a summary of all successful submissions.

The Game making submission was authored by a collective of three schools in South Australia, two in Victoria and one in Tasmania as well as ACMI, the Australian Centre for Moving Image. Both primary and secondary schools are involved.

The Coordinator of the project is Tony Forster a Victorian parent and professional engineer who initially became interested in Game Maker as a way to teach his son computer programming.

Our Project goals include:

  • to use the motivating power of computer games to improve outcomes in traditional education areas, including design, programming, multimedia and mathematics

  • to replicate the highly successful Computer Club project in other schools

  • to establish game programming as a well recognised learning tool in Australian primary and secondary schools

  • to establish active communities, both of teachers and students, who are enthused by game programming

The Project is funded for the next 18 months but aims to becoming self sustaining beyond that.

If you wish to become involved or obtain more information then please contact either Tony Forster or a signatory in your State listed below:

Forster Engineering Services P/L
Tony Forster

Westall Secondary College (Clayton South)
Roland Gesthuizen

Kardinia International College (Geelong)
James Powell

South Australia:
Woodville High School (Woodville)
Bill Kerr

Glenelg Primary School (Glenelg East)
Al Upton

Cedar College (GREENACRES)
Steve Sakovits

New Town High School (New Town)
Meijers, Margaret T"

Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI):
Vincent Trundle


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