Saturday, February 25, 2006

teen spirit

Danah Boyd has written a summary ("crib") of a recent presentation, Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace

Some quick notes:

MySpace ("a place for friends") is second on the web for page views, more than Google

There is moral panic!

It began with an age limit of 18+, which has since dropped to 14 yo.

Youth prefer IM (synchronous) to email (old, adult stuff)

Dana explores these issues: identity production, hanging out, digital publics

Profiles (identity production)

Adult practices (sex, smoking, drinking) are appealing to youth, who want to be mature.

Important to look cool and receive peer validation

Comments on each others blogs are an important aspect of cultural currency

Friends are important

All of this is essential for youth (status games)

Hanging out

Teens chat on IM for hours

Digital publics

Physical presence is preferable but not always possible!

There are public, private and controlled spaces - for everyone

Increasingly, due to the moral panic teen space is becoming more and more controlled

Teens have increasingly less access to public space

IM provides a new way for teens to have private space, MySpace provides for public space

Youth do rub shoulder with adults, including creeps, online

Teens rarely chose to go private. They just wish the adults would go away. All of them - parents, teachers, creeps


Youth need private space

Adults restrict their private space in the "real world" so teens are searching for new spaces in the virtual world

Youth will be youth


Anonymous Artichoke said...

Thanks for this Bill - I have only just started thinking about the pervasiveness and subtlety of the surveillance that (e)learning offers the institution -

I never seem to get very far from those "freedom from and freedom to" arguments in my thinking nowadays

"Adults restrict their private space in the "real world" so teens are searching for new spaces in the virtual world" - is just what I was trying to get to in a more tortured way with the panopticon thing.

6:11 AM  

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