Tuesday, February 07, 2006

blogging course outlines

I'm blogging my course outlines for year 10 computing and year 11 Information Technology (stage 1 in South Australia) courses. For the time being I'm doing this so that students can work out their current tasks by reading my blogs.

I'm using wordpress for blogging and bubbleshare for photos.

I wanted to compare wordpress with blogger so that's one reason for using it. The other reason was that someone told me that wordpress wasn't blocked by the N2H2 filter and that was true for week one. But on Monday week 2 suddenly it was blocked. Fortunately, my school likes what I am doing and it has been unblocked locally following my request.

btw you can check out the N2H2 category database here. Teachers can use this to check whether sites are blocked from home, if they know which categories are blocked by default. You can get that information from the educonnect site.

I'm using bubbleshare rather than flickr also to check out bubbleshare - which doesn't require an account with a password. Also flickr has been taken over by yahoo and it's hard for some students to find a unique id with yahoo because it has become so huge.


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