Tuesday, January 10, 2006

meta tags

The meta tag is old hat and nearly but not quite useless today.
The Meta description tag allows web site owners to describe what the web page is about. Search engines such as Google still use this to display the description of a web site in the search results ... In the early 2000s, search engines veered away from reliance on Meta tags, as many web sites used inappropriate keywords or were keyword stuffing to obtain any and all traffic possible.
- from wikipedia
Another possible use of meta tags is to redirect an old site to a new URL, or to move on automatically from a splash page. But this is frowned upon by W3C for accessibility reasons.

More reliable information about meta data (not just the meta tag) in web pages at the W3C site.

So, I've just added this one meta tag to my website:
< meta name="description" content="Information about the Game Maker community in Australia, a vareity of articles by Bill Kerr and other educational material" />



Anonymous Roland said...

Good use of del.icio.us to tag your blog :-)

11:59 PM  

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