Friday, December 23, 2005

tagging posts in blogger

I'm trying to implement the instructions at Fresh Blog so that I can add tags to my posts here using blogger.

I had to grasp some new things that I hadn't appreciated before.

In delicious you can use the + operator to search for bookmarks with multiple tags. For example, will search my delicious account for items tagged with both javascript and ecmanaut.

So, by introducing a new tag into delicious (I've used billkerr) I can distinguish between my blog items in delicious if I tag all of them with billkerr as well as other tags. Once specified, the billkerr tag is added on automatically by Johan's script, so it doesn't clutter up my tag line in blogger. I've opted not to add the delicious icons at this stage.

Freshblog links to Johan's own account of his script as well as how to alter the styling so that the tags appear on one line. It was useful for me to read these to collaborate that I was doing it correctly.

I still have one problem to solve:
9. In a great feature, Johan has also used this script to add a "post to" link to the publish notification page on blogger, which will pop-up a window auto-populated with permalink, title, timestamp & tags. Just hit "bookmark" over there & you're all set!!
- step 9, Freshblog

My URL for this link has an undefined? in it and the link produces a 404. The URL is something like this:

Can't see any reference to this problem in the comments on the various posts, so I wonder what I'm missing?

At any rate, thanks for the great script, Johan, much appreciated.

update 24/12/2005
all fixed :-)

With the popup boxes you get after clicking on "Tags:" I had to alter the path and then re-enter the value I wanted before the 'Link to Delicious' link would work

A programming friend here thought that perhaps there was bug wrt cache

Similarly typing kerrblog, the tag word for all my blogs, into the second popup box was not sufficient - I needed to alter it in the third popup too

I'm not a very good programmer but someone who is can figure out the work-arounds, others in my boat might get stuck and frustrated. Thanks Paul for the help.


Blogger John said...

Looks like it worked out great! Let me know if I can help w/ this in any way.

1:02 AM  
Blogger Johan Sundström said...

Am I right in presuming you managed to fix the problem by reinstalling the latest version and clicked the "Tags:" title to reconfigure the script?

2:18 PM  

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