Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Originally uploaded by Bill Kerr.
I became aware of the open source really slick screensavers a year ago but did not take the opportunity then to download them. I thought I was too grown up for fancy screensavers.

This time I decided to download and install. They are beautiful. I've been running Euphoria for the past week. It was so nice that I shortened the timer so that it cuts in every 5 minutes! Every time I walk back into my room after a short break I see a beautiful pattern on the screen.

I've just switched over to Flocks, which is equally beautiful.

From the really slick screensavers site:
These savers are free software. Feel free to give them to anyone and everyone. Some of them demand a lot of performance from your CPU and graphics card, so I hope you have a fast computer. These savers use OpenGL for graphics and will perform poorly without OpenGL hardware acceleration. All modern PCs being sold have decent OpenGL support, but the high-end gaming PCs will work the best.


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