Saturday, June 25, 2005

Five Orders of Ignorance

from Philip Armour's "Of Jet Planes and Zeppelins"

  • 0th Order Ignorance: Lack of Ignorance
    • I (probably) know something
  • 1th Order Ignorance: Lack of Knowledge
    • I do not know something
  • 2nd Order Ignorance: Lack of Awareness
    • I do not know that I do not know something
  • 3rd Order Ignorance: Lack of Process
    • I do not know a (suitably effective) way to find out that I don't know something
  • 4th Order Ignorance: Meta-Ignorance
Philip goes onto explain that you can only have a process for something you already know how to do.

And the corollary: you can't have a process for something you've never done.

He applies this to software production, in support of the Agile or Extreme programming method.

I think it needs to be applied to other things, like education, too.


Blogger rattus said...

I suppose you might have confused 2 articles of Armour. The 5 orders of ignorance are to be found in his earlier article "The five orders of ignorance" published in Communications of the ACM 43 (Oct. 2000) Issue 10, p17-20. HTH.

8:10 PM  

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