Friday, June 03, 2005

save the children, NO

I've just read an article by Christina Hoff Sommers, Enough already with kid gloves, which outlines some of the near hysterical crimp of the human spirit that is currently being introduced into American schools.

Some schools have replaced red pens with purple pens for teacher marking because purple is more pleasant than red.

Other schools are prohibiting or banning competitive games such as tag and dodgeball because some child's feelings might be hurt.

A parent teacher organisation has recommended that
"tug of war" be replaced by "tug of peace."

Sommers writes:
... many adults today regard the children in their care as fragile hothouse flowers who require protection from even the remote possibility of frustration, disappointment or failure

She links these changes to a misguided self esteem movement that is intent on praising children even when they haven't achieved anything.

Maybe we should just get on with robust and caring interaction with children rather than wrapping them up in cotton wool


Anonymous Plakboek said...

I thought that for most part, growing up as a teenage boy became a series of simulated near death experiences. We needed more of an occasional poke in the ribs, stern glare and telling off by an adult mentor than shame and blame.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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