Thursday, April 14, 2005

media trends

Chris Anderson, editor of Wired, has published some media trends at his long tail site. The fact that something is down does not mean it's dead or that it will become dead but it's still useful to know about the trends.

Flat to Down to Way Down:

* Music: sales last year were down 21% from their peak in 1999
* Television: network TV's audience share has fallen by a third since 1985
* Radio: listenership is at a 27-year low
* Newspapers: circulation peaked in 1987, and the decline is accelerating
* Magazines: total circulation peaked in 2000 and is now back to 1994 levels (but a few premier titles are bucking the trend!)
* Books: sales growth is lagging the economy as whole


* Movies: 2004 was another record year, both for theaters and DVDs
* Videogames: even in the last year of this generation of consoles, sales hit a new record
* Web: online ads will grow 30% this year, breaking $10 billion (5.4% of all advertising)


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