Monday, April 04, 2005

it's generational

I blogged earlier about addiction to video games

as I talk to my students more, read what they are now writing and think about the contentious game issues more (addiction, violence, sexism) my thought are shifting

addiction is not the issue

many of my students play games, like games and yet are much tougher on addiction issues than I am

the real issue is generational

my students have a good understanding of this issue

their teachers and parents haven't grown up with video games, haven't learnt to play them as children and so are likely to be distrustful of them or not very good at playing them

a lot of adults don't like being beaten at something by young upstarts

and so many adults have created a dubious web of propaganda about addiciton, violence and sexism to mask the fact that their children are better at playing games

I also posted my thoughts on addiction at the national gamemaker forum and Ken Price has responded there


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