Sunday, May 28, 2006

change of blog imminent

If you subscribe to this blog through RSS feed you might get to read this. But I don't think you'll receive it by visiting this blog at But then, you won't know that I'm saying that, will you.

My advice to any blogger users reading this is to immediately backup your blog.

I did this successfully recently. The instructions are here and they worked for me.

I wrote to blogger support yesterday but given the nature of blogger (google free service) I'm not really expecting a response in the next 2 years. It's hard to "do no evil" when you have several billion customers who are all in a hurry.

I've enjoyed using blogger because you can tweak the HTML, unlike Wordpress.

Where will I go? Maybe to ourmedia. I like their philosophy a lot. But I'm still deciding. Catch you in cyberspace, somewhere...

Here's the mail:
006 Please contact Blogger

My latest post (May 27) can be viewed from the specific post URL

but it CAN'T be viewed at

The most recent post that can be viewed there is an earlier one (May 17)

When I uploaded the post I received this error message:
getLinkByTarget("_blogview") has no properties

I get the same error message if I try again or even if I upload and then delete a test post

New posts are listed and can be edited on this screen:

and they are fed through this RSS feed
when viewed through bloglines
(but I get an error when I paste the RSS URL directly into my browser)

I am using the latest version of firefox for browsing

any help would be much appreciated


Anonymous Ambyr Amoureuse said...

Such a wonderful view, i want to be there :)) in this hot summer the only thing I need is beach like this :)

11:54 PM  

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